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Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Corporate law constitutes an important area of our practice. We cover all aspects of this area and are permanent advisors to international corporations, industrial companies, banks and investment companies. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in the establishment, transformation, merger, de- merger and, when required, dissolution of Polish companies, or insolvency procedures, including international insolvencies. This applies equally to capital companies and partnerships. We assist in all the necessary steps in the legal process for our clients. Our lawyers have especially advised on numerous reorganization matters and have extensive experience with mergers (including cross-border mergers) and de-mergers.

An important area of our activity is the provision of legal assistance in the establishment of joint ventures, including the drafting and negotiation of all joint venture-related agreements. Our lawyers have proven their expertise in publications on Polish corporate law.

Mergers & Acquisitions is another important area of our advisory services. Our M&A practice includes the provision of legal advice with regard to both targeted acquisitions of Polish companies and acquisitions within the scope of multinational transactions involving Polish subsidiaries. We advise international industrial corporate groups, banks and investment companies on their acquisitions, be they share deals or asset deals. Our lawyers have advised clients on the acquisition of Polish companies in the course of privatization processes or on intended acquisitions which include public takeover proceedings. Our services range from carrying out legal due diligences to negotiating and drafting contracts and their subsequent execution. Thanks to the many years of experience and specialization of our lawyers, we are able to render advice in various areas of law relating to transactions, such as antitrust law (including merger clearance), labour law, civil commercial law, real estate law and IP law – all from a single source.

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